1st Mates - Mobile Marine / Auto Detailing
MARINE PRICES                  Call (919)538-8755 for free quote!                                         
1st Mates Combo  $18-26/ft                                                    
clean, dry, interior/exterior, 1 coat premium wax
*If gel coat is not in good condition then wax will not hold.
 Proceed to the oxidizer special to correct gel coat condition.
1st Mates Combo is for boats in good condition.
Oxidizer Special  $20-35/ft
clean and dry exterior,wet sand, compound, polish, wax, buff
*Waterline to top rails.Oxidizer special is for boats that appear
chalky or have little reflection.
- wet sanding required.
Topside Oxidizer Special $30-50/ft
clean, dry interior, wet sand, compound, polish, wax, buff
*Rubrail to inside of boat floor.
Topside Oxidizer Special for boats that appear
chalky and oxidized.
-wet sanding required.
Full Boat Detail   $60-80/ft w/oxidation process
detail cleaning and dry interior/exterior, wax, clean vinyl, polish chrome, clean non-painted hulls
- wet sanding and compounding (like new restoration).
Full Boat Detail  $55-75/ft without oxidation process
Monthly Service   Starts at $250 or $15/ft
2 washes per month, 1 coat spray wax
* minimum 6 month service required
                              Cars    SUV/Vans
Interior Detail         $60    $85
full interior detail, vents cleaned, optional dressing           
Exterior Express      $55    $70
wash, dry, spray wax, jambs cleaned, wheel wells and
Exterior Detail          $160   $180
wash, dry, polish paint, wax, interior detail, dressing.
Ultimate Detail         $300    $325
full interior/exterior detail, (like new).
* This price includes polishing paint and wax.                  
Monthly Service     Starting at - $165/month
2 washes, interior cleaned, 1 coat spray wax (optional hand wax)
* minimum 6 month service required, unless otherwise specified.
Full Motorcycle Detail     - call for quote -
wash, dry, wax, polish metals
Motorcycle Express    - call for quote -                              wash, dry, wax painted surface only
* Prices subject to change, call for current quote.*
Terms and conditions
* Wet Sanding- using fine grades of sand paper with the combination of water to remove a thin layer of paint gelcoat .
The price will range depending on the condition of the vehicle or boat that needs cleaning.
* Waxes, compounds, and polishes are all applied by machine, unless otherwise specified. Such as spray wax
(applied with water).
* Sealer/Glaze- A protective layer applied over wax to prolong the wax life.
* Buffing- Using a machine and polish to bring gel coat to a high shine.
* Compounding- Using a machine in combination with a light abrasive to remove slight imperfections and scratches in gel coat, followed by wax etc. This is a cleaning process that removes oxidation.
* Hand waxing available upon request (additional charges may apply).
* Hull waxing does not apply to packages. Additional charges depending on location of vessel.
* Travel charge may apply if distance is greater than 65 miles from 27504.
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