1st Mates - Mobile Marine / Auto Detailing
Frequently Asked Questions
How do you remove oxidation?
To remove oxidation, first the gel coat must be wet sanded then compounded, polish if needed, and waxed.  Compounding alone will not remove oxidation but only move the oxidation around the gel coat and your results will not last. During wet sanding, the oxidation or "dead" gel coat is sanded and then washed away with water.
Why should I have my boat or vehicle detailed?
A professional detail will make the appearance of the boat or vehicle look like new again.  To achieve this, it is a long and meticulous process, but is well worth the finished product.  Think of a detail as a reconditioning and decontamination of all foreign objects that shorten the life of the boat or vehicle.  Automatic car washes do not clean the gel coat, vinyl seats, rubber door gaskets, drain holes, door jambs, air vents, under and in between the seats, wheel wells, and hazy headlights.   
What type of products do you use?
We use only the best products on the market!  We tested a variety of products to find the very best for your boat or vehicle.  We use Carnuba wax, which is the safest wax for clear coat/gel coat application.  Our boat wax contains a special UV inhibitor which acts as a "sunscreen" for your boat’s gel coat. 
Why should I have the paint waxed if it has a clear coat?
Clear coat is paint that is applied to achieve, depth, color and shine.  Over time, oxidation and stains build up on the clear coat causing it to appear faded and dull looking.  Applying wax will help protect the clear coat but more importantly it helps you keep it clean with minimal effort.
Can you detail my boat or vehicle at my home or work?
Absolutely! We offer detailing in-house as well as mobile detailing.  We bring our own water, materials, and electricity to get the job completed.  If wet sanding is needed, this needs to be done in-house to help keep your cost down. 
How long does a full detail take to complete?
On average, it takes about 8 hours to complete a vehicle and about 10-12 hours to complete a boat (wash and wax with minimal compounding based on condition).  A wet sanding to remove oxidation takes about 30-40 hours.
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