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Todd Christianson
It has been our experience that nothing ensures the beauty and longevity of your boat or automobile like the continual maintenance of a good coat of wax.
While we recommend a minimum of 3 waxings per year, we also offer a monthly and bimonthly program for those that want the very best for their boats or automobiles.
Our wax is an all natural plant by-product called, carnauba. This wax will not react with gel coats or painted surfaces. Carnuba swells and closes the pores on the surface when wet,
 acting like a protective barrier, providing a hard film over
surfaces that helps protect against the elements like the sun's
 UV rays, acid rain, insects, salt, bird droppings, fish remains,
and spills.
We offer many other services that will keep your boat or automobile in its best condition for you to enjoy for many years to come.
Thank you for visiting our site and look foward to hearing from you!
updated 05-11-10
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